With the start of a new school year nearly upon us, we all have brains on the brain! Parents, teachers, and anyone who loves a child are concerned about setting their kids up for success in every way possible. It all starts with the brain! From learning to attention span to memory to attitude and emotional wellbeing, brain health is critical for thriving during the school year.

Did you know that our brains are mostly made of fat? So it makes sense, then, that they would require fat (good fats, of course!)  in order to stay healthy and grow.
One type of fat in particular is essential to nourish the brain: Omega 3s.

Studies have shown that milk from grassfed cows has more omega 3s than milk from grain-fed cows and that grassfed dairy is a good source of this good fatty acid.

So what can omega 3s do for little growing brains? Here is some great evidence in its defense…

Ways to Work More 100% Grassfed Dairy Into Your 
Children’s Day

1. Start the day with a smoothie using yogurt or milk. Just be sure to include plenty of protein and good fats for long-lasting energy and stable blood sugar.

2. Pack a yogurt single serve in their lunchbox (or send along for their morning snack time).

3. Use raw, 100% grassfed cheese for an after-school snack with apples, veggies, or crackers. Our new shredded cheeses make a mean quesadilla faster than you can say “cheese, please!”

4. Make homemade frozen yogurt pops for a nourishing after-dinner treat to promote a good night’s sleep

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