Our Cottage Cheese

Our cottage cheese is the closest consumers can get to the original recipe that was crafted in cottages hundreds of years ago. Made with organic milk from our 100% grassfed cows, our cottage cheese is handcrafted in a slow and vigilant process that results in cheese curds with a light tartness nestled in the natural buttery creaminess of carefully handled milk.

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Where to Buy
Our cottage cheese is available nationally, regionally, locally in central Indiana, and on-site at our farm store.
Where to Buy
Local Home Delivery
Your favorite products delivered to your home in the central Indiana area
Local Home Delivery

Here’s what our customers are saying…

“I just received your cottage cheese through Green Bean Delivery and am blown away at how good it is. Like I daydream about it.”  -Laura

“Your cottage cheese is absolutely the finest I have ever tasted. Thank you for the obvious care behind such an outstanding, health-promoting product!”  -Alicia

“@traderspointcreamery cottage cheese is out of this world insane. I HATED cottage cheese until last year when I started eating it 3-4 times a week as a serving of protein. I’ve found the top shelf stuff in this. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea to get so excited about cottage cheese, but I just had to share. This stuff is on a whole other level than other cottage cheeses.”    -Jenna

Our Awards

American Cheese Society Awards

2014: 2nd place

2011: 2nd place Cottage Cheese (Montreal, Quebec)

2007: 1st Place TPC Cottage Cheese (Burlington, Vermont)
2nd Place, Cottage Cheese

Slow Food International “Snail of Approval” award

Clear Choice Awards

These are awarded by the Glass Packaging Institute to honor product manufacturers who expand the frontiers of glass packaging design by using glass containers in innovative ways.

2011: Conversion Recognition Award for Cottage Cheese Jars

Clean Choice Award from Clean Eating Magazine

2016: Cottage Cheese

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