Why Glass?

One of our hallmarks here at Traders Point Creamery is the beautiful glass bottles and jars we use to package all our grassfed dairy products. For purity, beauty, sustainability, and safety, glass is unparalleled among commonly used packaging materials, and we are committed to keeping our “grass in glass.” Here’s why.

Environmental Benefits of Glass

Why is glass packaging such a big deal? Because buying in glass means doing your part to sustain the earth’s health as well as your own! Since glass is made completely from natural materials, it is 100% recyclable –over and over again, without any loss in its quality. The process requires less energy and uses fewer natural resources than any other packaging material. We encourage our customers to recycle our glass bottles and jars when they have finished enjoying the product.

Many consumers are, like us, drawn to glass packaging for its beauty and many prefer to reuse our containers. The versatile size can be repurposed for any number of household uses, and the glass is easy to clean and sterilize to be used over and over again.

Health Benefits of Glass

Glass is more than just a good choice for the earth’s wellbeing; it is the ideal packaging for your health as well. Glass is the most trusted material for protecting the purity of its contents. It is made from natural, non-toxic raw materials. Unlike plastic, glass will never leach harmful chemicals into your food, no matter how many times it is used. Of particular concern is the compound BPA, found primarily in plastic packagings, which has been shown to disrupt hormones; recent studies have revealed that even BPA-free plastics can impact our bodies’ normal estrogenic activity. With glass, there is no possibility for toxin contamination.

“Since the beginning, glass packaging has been part of our vision for health and sustainability. We believe only the purity and beauty of glass packaging is worthy of such a high quality product. The second reason for our persistence in locating a glass container for our cottage cheese is that we believe in the health benefits of storing food products in glass. Plastic packaging can leach toxins, emit gases, and contaminate products with hormone disrupters.”
-Jane and Fritz Kunz, owners

Because we invest so much in producing high quality, nutritious grassfed products, it is important to us that our yogurt and milk do not lose any of their nutrients once packaged in their containers. Glass bottles ensure that the nutrition will never be compromised, nor will the glass affect the taste of the product inside, as can be the case with other packaging materials. Glass is the only type of container that the FDA labels as GRAS: Generally Recognized As Safe.

We encourage you to recycle or reuse our glass bottles when you have finished enjoying the product inside!