Our European-Style Whole Milk Yogurt

Our award-winning whole milk yogurts are certified organic and made with 100% grassfed milk. They are available in 5oz. single-serve and 32 oz. multi-serve glass containers.

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Whole Milk Yogurt

Wildberry Yogurt

Banana Mango Yogurt

Raspberry Yogurt

Low-Fat Vanilla Yogurt

European-style Yogurt

Our unique European-style recipe produces a pourable yogurt that is thinner and slightly tangier than most yogurt varieties (and also quite handy for drinking if you are short on spoons!).

Where to Buy
Our yogurt is available nationally, regionally, locally in central Indiana, and on-site at our farm store.
Where to Buy

Organic, 100% Grassfed Whole Milk

The grassfed whole milk we use is non-homogenized, producing a rich and creamy yogurt while ensuring that the naturally-occurring enzymes, beneficial bacteria, and nutrients remain intact and readily usable by our bodies.

Live Active Cultures

We use a six-strain blend of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium species that are praised for their ability to promote healthy digestion by breaking down lactose and overcoming undesirable bacteria in your gut. Our slow and gentle culturing process ensures that these probiotics are at their liveliest and most potent in every single bottle of our yogurt.

Artisanal Production Methods

No stabilizers. No artificial ingredients. Our traditional production methods mean we mix everything by hand in small batches. Cultures, organic fruit purées, and a small amount of organic evaporated cane juice are added and spread throughout the tank by hand.

Packaged in glass – for maximum security, sustainability, and healthfulness

Our Awards

American Cheese Society Awards

2015: 1st place Plain Whole Milk Yogurt (Providence, RI)

2014: 2nd place Raspberry Yogurt (Sacramento, CA)
2nd place Whole Milk Yogurt

2008: 2nd place Whole Milk Yogurt

2007: 2nd place Whole Milk Yogurt

2006: 1st place TPC Whole Milk Yogurt (Portland, OR)

2006: America’s Best Yogurt, Louisville, KY

2005: America’s Best Yogurt, Louisville, KY

The Cornucopia Institute 5-Star Dairy Rating

Their “Yogurt Scorecard,” which ranked the healthfulness of over 100 regional and national yogurt brands, placed our yogurt in the top 10 healthiest yogurts in the nation.

Slow Food International “Snail of Approval” award

Clean Choice Award from Clean Eating Magazine