Our Story

Jane Elder Kunz & Dr. Fritz KunzTraders Point Creamery is an organic, 100% grassfed dairy farm and artisan creamery in Zionsville, Indiana, owned by the Kunz family, Dr. Fritz Kunz and Jane Elder Kunz. As the first USDA-certified organic dairy farm in Indiana, we believe in “nourishing the land that nourishes us all.” Since 2003, we have blended tradition and innovation to craft the purest and most wholesome artisan dairy products by working in harmony with nature’s design. We are committed to to working with farmers, consumers, and distributors for a flourishing community of sustainable food production to bring you the best in nourishing, 100% grassfed dairy.

From our early days creating a pasture-based dairy operation on our grandparents’ land, we have grown to include a farmstead restaurant, dairy bar, farm tours, exclusive event spaces, relationships with partner farms, and national product distribution. It is our honor and our joy to raise, craft, and serve food in harmony with the land to nourish all who share it.

At Traders Point Creamery, our mission is to:

  • Farm in harmony with the land and the animals
  • Produce the most nutritious and healthful product possible
  • Encourage education of farming and nutrition
  • Promote a community of local food and sustainable farming, reconnecting farmers & consumers

At Traders Point Creamery, we uphold these distinctives:

Organic Certification

  • No synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, antibiotics, or hormones.
  • We are honored to have been the first USDA certified organic dairy farm in Indiana

100% Grassfed Methods

  • Our herd is raised entirely on pastures, using a rotational grazing system that maximizes soil and grass health, resulting in milk that is exceptionally high in omega-3s, CLAs, and key vitamins. Our animals never receive grain or corn.

Non-homogenized, Full-fat Dairy Products

  • Because many of the nutrients in grassfed milk are best used by our bodies when consumed with naturally-occurring fats, we produce full-fat, non-homogenized dairy products. We do pasteurize our products according to Indiana state law, but we do not compromise the integrity of the natural fat particles by homogenization.
  • Research has also shown that increasing healthy fats in the diet, and restricting carbohydrates, is actually the best way to nourish your body and achieve sustainable weight loss.


  • All our products are packaged in glass, the material deemed safest for storing food products and one of the most efficiently recyclable materials available.

Reverence for the Past + Innovations of the Present

  • Our artisan production methods and reclaimed historic barns preserve the best of the past to marry it with the most current innovations in sustainable organic agriculture.